brazil iguazu garganta del diablo
brazil iguazu falls admiring the sunset
brazil iguazu falls at dawn
brazil iguazu falls cataratas hotel
brazil iguazu falls detail
brazil iguazu falls jungle
brazil iguazu falls panorama
brazil iguazu falls rainbow
brazil iguazu falls sunset
brazil iguazu falls vegetation
brazil iguazu blue throat macaw
brazil iguazu busy black helmet bird
brazil iguazu hyacinth macaw pair
brazil iguazu scarlet macaw
brazil iguazu small tucan
argentina iguazu falls closeup
argentina iguazu falls
brazil iguazu blue throat macaw

IguazĂș Falls, Brazil & Argentina

A well established tourist destination, the Iguazu Falls is a remote place to go. It's actually located in the middle of the jungle and it's not exactly easy nor cheap to get there. So, is it worth the trouble?

brazil iguazu falls vegetation


In short, the park is huge, the vegetation and birds are amazing, the falls are ... well stunning. You will probably get soaked more than once, if not by the falling water by the rain. But, I guarantee you will carry a smile on your face. Most trips to the falls are short, most people plan two days on the Brazilian and another two on the Argentinian side. That is because the experiences from either side are quite different. On the Brazilian side you get to see the full panorama while in Argentina you get to basically walk over the falling water (awesome).

brazil iguazu falls sunset

"Can you do me a favour?" Says our taxi driver. I had asked him to stop by an ATM machine to get some cash. I was now standing in the glass cabinet navigating the menus, when he opens the door and lets himself in. All my alarm bells started ringing, confused by not knowing how to react. "What ... favour?" I mumble. "Can you get cash for me? This is my card, and here is my secret number."
You don't figure it, do you? It took me a few moments to get my bearings, then I saw it in his face. He was semi-analphabet and struggled to understand the machine instructions. He trusted me somehow and simply wanted to get cash ... with a little help. This episode touched me deeply, as it is exemplary of a phenomenon that surrounds us everywhere. While half humanity is moving ahead and embraces ubiquitous technology, the other half is left behind, because they somehow can't cope with it. This happens not only in remote Puerto Iguazu, mind you. It happens around you as well, it is just less visible.

A more comprehensive image compendium of this trip is available as a hardcover photo album here. You may want to also have a look at the other books I have made.

Miguel Albrecht