galapagos isabela pool at dawn
galapagos isabella endless beach
galapagos isabella fish swarm
galapagos isabella iguana crossing
galapagos isabella iguana with bird at work
galapagos isabella iguana with bird
galapagos isabella los tuneles
galapagos isabella mangrove pool
galapagos santa cruz blue feet bobby with iguana playa mansa admiring the view
galapagos santa cruz blue feet bobby with iguana
galapagos santa cruz courtyard with fig tree
galapagos santa cruz green waters
galapagos santa cruz morro bw
galapagos santa cruz salinas salt business
galapagos santa cruz ship wreck
galapagos isabela tree on the horizon
galapagos santa cruz volcan crater
galapagos seymour bird in flight
galapagos seymour blue feet bobby courting female
galapagos seymour frigate fliying above green waters
galapagos seymour male frigate in flight
galapagos isabella sea lion on bench

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

It's now wonder this trip is a "bucket-list" destination — to experience nature there is simply stunning.

We decided not to take a cruise, mainly because we wanted to decide how long to stay in place in a flexible manner. We travelled from island to island and toured the main snorkelling and reserve locations with guides. We were lucky that arranging accommodation turned out to be as flexible as we wanted. And indeed we stayed at the end longer in Isabella because we loved the island so much.

We arrived in San Cristóbal where we went snorkelling to León dormido, don't miss that, and you will get to see hammer-head sharks, manta-rays and sea turtles and ... and ...


We went on to Isabella before switching over to Santa Cruz, where we would end our journey. Every island has indeed a different character, Isabella being probably the most quiet and peaceful. Not to miss in Isabella is the mangroves pool. You find it on the way to the "Wall of Tears", follow the sign to "El Estero".


Santa Cruz is a bubbling tourist centre, but not less interesting, with many activities worthwhile the visit. Our favourite? Playa mansa. Our last destination before heading back to Quito was the north of the Seymour island. The tour to north Seymour turned out to be one of most stunning experiences. We got to see birds courting and mating and freshly born chicks, like this fregate chick who was just a week old.

Miguel Albrecht