alps engadin children playing on a mountain slope
alps engadin church in the forest
alps engadin cow bells
alps engadin door and whisk
alps engadin forest hiking path
alps engadin guarda bauern house
alps engadin guarda town center
alps engadin heidi cow in the mountains
alps engadin mountain biker
alps engadin mountain fields with cows
alps engadin mountain forrest landscape with castle
alps engadin mountain mineral colors
alps engadin mountain room with view
alps engadin mountain slope with sun and shadows
alps engadin mown fileds
alps engadin pause at the cheese maker
alps engadin refuge zuort
alps engadin tarasp castle
alps engadin tarasp fontana
alps engadin wooden house architecture
alps engadin baroque portic
alps engadin wooden shoe
alps engadin woolgrass on mountain slope
alps engadin children playing on a mountain slope

The Alps, Engadin

Arrived in Scuol, the first impression is that of a classic Swiss summer landscape that makes you expect Heidi —the original girl character from the 1880 novel by J. Spyri— to appear anytime around the corner.

alps engadin heidi cows

Indeed, things change only very slowly in the Swiss mountains, if they change at all. The Canton Graub√ľnden has in fact a long tradition of resistance to change, allowing only in 1925 the automobile on its roads and granting only in 1972 the voting right to female citizens. Yet, this is also where world leaders meet once a year and debate about the future (Davos), and where mountain biking has become a most popular summer sport.

But, this was not an excursion into the Swiss mentality, instead we wanted to spent about two weeks trekking through these mountains. And that's what we did, always chasing another stunning view, great light or both. And we never grew tired of it. The variety of gorges, mountain trails and paths is so great that you keep longing for more.

alps engadin Guarda town center

Most of the towns have also managed to keep their characteristic atmosphere both by renovating and conserving the old houses as well as by finding sustainable economic income for their habitants —ski tourism in winter, trekking tourism in summer.

A more comprehensive image compendium of this trip is available as a hardcover photo album here. You may want to also have a look at the other books I have made.

Miguel Albrecht