atacama national park ranger
atacama national park ranger (2)
atacama national park ranger (3)
brasilia policeman
bahia farmers family
jordan man walking
omani sufi
omani shepherd
oman hindu worker
chilean mapuche
atacama national park ranger


As you surely have noticed, these portraits picture no photography models. These people are unlikely to ever appear on a glossy magazine.

The photography is also not blemish free. No studio lighting, sometimes unsharp, nor did I have the chance to repeat a failed shot ... glad to have captured something at all.

These images were taken in a lucky moment, passing by; a "would you mind if I ..." situation, where I was struck by something I saw in their eyes.

I have had these images on my hard disk for some time and you can see them in their surroundings in other projects (Atacama, Bahia and Oman). But, this certain something I once saw in their eyes kept lingering in my head, until I realised I needed to extract that. The colored background serves just that purpose. Is there beauty? Yes, some. But, more than anything, I hope you can see what I see; let me call it dignity.

Miguel Albrecht