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A Sudoku app for players, by players

Why another Sudoku app?

We developed this app for the pure pleasure of a daily sudoku.

We found no other app that would offer this usability.

It's free of charge. No ads. We don't collect any data.

No rankings, no competitions. It's just you solving a game.

There is only one level: master (actually, there is an indication of master difficulty, maybe you find it).

If you like the app, consider rating it, so that others get to enjoy it too.



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Thanks to Neo (nihgwu@live.com) who gave inspiration and shared his react native code.

Thanks to David Bau who developed and shared the original sudoku generator

Thanks to Blagovest Dachev who ported David Bau's algorithm to Node.js

App development and graphics by zapalote.com.


Privacy policy

TapTapSudoku doesn't collect or use any information, neither personal nor about its usage.